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The Ax Files

Since 2005 Alexandra Jones has authored The Ax Files, a collection of columns concerning love, life, and herring sandwiches, home to the beloved Short Attention Span Poetry Corner. Ah, The Ax Files. A serving of goofy, with a side of gravitas.

In 2010 she ran clean out of attention and moved to Goof City, where she serves as Mayor. There, she took a year off from being an unknown writer to become an unknown photographer. Now the Mayor is back grinding her ax and can be found goofing around all over the place.

The Ax Files
Greetings from Goof City
The Flickrverse
The Twitterverse

When in the neighborhood, please stop by and make your goofy presence known. The Mayor always has time to goof. It’s her job.

2 Responses to The Ax Files

  1. personal bad credit loans on February 12, 2010 at 1:50 am

    I am to a great extent impressed with the article I have just read. I wish the author of can continue to provide so much productive information and unforgettable experience to readers. There is not much to state except the following universal truth: If a techie says something, you know it’s true. I will be back.

  2. Alexandra Jones on February 12, 2010 at 2:23 am

    You’ll be back, huh? You can now join the club, “Arnold Schwarzenegger and Others Who Will Be Back.” Also “Techies Who Will Be Back.” You can join my club as well, if you like, “Those Who Hope That Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Actually Come Back.”

    I’d wish I’d known about you when I used to go on manic spending sprees without the money to back them up. Unfortunately I no longer have bad credit. But maybe again someday!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Which article was it that you read? Was it “Productive Information and Unforgettable Experience as Provided by Mayor Jones”?

    You can now with my mayoral blessing join the club “Those Who Will Never Spam Goof City Again.”

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