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Frank Sinatra, Jr. was kidnapped from Harrah’s Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada on December 8, 1963. The bumbling trio who kidnapped him turned down Sinatra Sr.’s offer of a million dollars ransom, because their “business plan” called for only $240,000. After they were arrested, Sr. got the money back except for about $6,000 one guy had used to buy some furniture to impress his ex-wife. The FBI was set to confiscate the goods, but Sinatra said, “Let the poor broad keep her couch!” I agree, she should have something to show for having married that loser.

The plot had been scheduled for November 22–but President Kennedy’s assassination usurped their plans. They were “too depressed to muster a felony.”

Source: Crime Library, David Krajicek

I’d heard Frank Sinatra said that after his son was kidnapped he never went anywhere without a roll of dimes–what it cost to use a pay phone in 1963–which would have lead me, had I been there, to have said, “Is that a roll of dimes in your pocket, or are you just not particularly glad to see me?”

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This Day in Goofery

April 23
1564: Birth of William Shakespeare
1616: Death of William Shakespeare

Now and then, I reflect that some unknown day of the year, which I pass in oblivious bliss, will be the day of my death some other year. But it never occurred to me that that day might be the same date as my birth. Not sure why that 1-in-365 chance gives me the creeps.

This is even creepier: A Chinese author, Zhang Yiyi, has planned to undergo ten plastic surgeries that will make him look like Shakespeare. Hey, it’s his face, but the motive he gives, to “let the people across the world mourn” Shakespeare, is sheer WTF.

“Life is a process of striving to become a better person. I think the surgeries are worth the money ,” he also said. And the connection between paying to look like Shakespeare and being a better person is…? And why does this guy who’s been dead 395 years today need to be mourned anyway? He’s only the most celebrated author of all time. And if he needs to be mourned, why can’t he be without some Chinese dude cutting his face up over it?

Oddly, I can’t find a picture of the guy. Google keeps insisting I must be searching for images of Zhang Ziyi, the beautiful star of “Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which reminds me of the comedian who asked why there was no tiger or dragon in the movie. There were, he revealed, but we didn’t see them because the tiger was crouching and the dragon was hidden.

I have an idea for Yiyi.

Just put up a sticker reading “striving to be a better person.” And give the 150K to

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Source: Clip: Moses Harris, Detroit Free Press
Video Remix: DeStorm’s You Tube Channel

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