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Goofy Walkng

And today is whatever day you’re seeing this or walking anywhere, because goofy is goofy no matter what or when.

Source: euronews (in English)

Walking is one of the easiest goofy maneuvers you can apply to everyday life.

Here. Goofy himself demonstrates:

Source: Jacob Praytor

Anatomically correct version (NNAFW)*
*Not necessarily appropriate for work

Source: Jasper Ellings
License: Fair use as only readily available animation of Goofy’s penis

The walk itself is not so goofy, but walking naked with goofy hat, gloves and shoes, especially when you are Goofy himself, still rates as goofy walking. Don’t try this downtown.

Rock it out goofery:

Source: Bobot Zerimar

Swinging upside down from a trapeze is a natural extension of goofy walking, but requires some preparation.

Ever try to keep up with someone you’re walking with? How to get all goofy about it:

Source: ITN

The professionals, government-funded:

Source: Medusa Rose

Related goofery:

Source: DrummerBeh

A bit of rather nongoofy follow-up: John Cleese is currently unable to contort his legs. Cruel twist (to his knee and hip) of fate indeed.

If you’re unable to walk, goofily or otherwise, you might wear the shirt. As the retailer asks: What would life be like without a little daily silliness?

And remember: One does not simply walk into Mordor…one gets one’s goof on!

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