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Goofy Skirt-work

This Day in Goofery

December 3
1927: The first film in which Laurel and Hardy were billed as a team, Putting Pants on Philip, is released

Source: Pants, and putting them on
License: Fair use, irreplaceable historic theatrical poster of debut of the movie

Hardy, as J. Piedmont Mumblethunder, would prefer not to be seen about town with a man, his nephew fresh off the boat from Scotland, in a skirt, and sets about outfitting him in proper attire.

They should have been showing that at the Castro Theater on Park(ing) Day! Mike Skiff of Reel Gay TV was on the scene in front of San Francisco’s famed repertory movie house, interviewing a trio of nudists who had turned a parking space into the Garden of Eden. The General Manager, Keith Arnold, interrupted them to claim you can’t film in front of the theater without a permit–but apparently his real objection was cock in children’s faces.

Naked vs. Pants
Source: Third Rail Media

The movie showing that day, by the way, About Cherry, is a portrayal of the life of a sex worker, filmed partially at the Armory,’s porno production facility. The Castro kerfuffle was emblematic of neighborhood sentiment. Nudity had been getting more frequent around the Castro Commons and residents and shop owners were growing weary of it. One Yelp reviewer of Twin Peaks Tavern remarked that he’d prefer even the “unobstructed view of the gas station” to “nudity by the wrong people.”

Source: Photo by Mayor Jones

Last year, District 8 Supervisor Scott (has-already-had-enough-jokes-made-about-his-name) Weiner’s “skid marks law” required placing a barrière between your derrière and public seating. But this wasn’t enough for some. The new law, passed by a 6 to 5 vote, bans the display of buttocks or genitals on sidewalks, plazas, parklets, streets, and public transit.

Source: Photo by Mayor Jones

I wonder if this will impact tourism. Casual nakedness is the sort of thing you expect to see in these (not-so-private) parts. I hear some nudies were charging tourists to pose with them. And this is us with a naked guy in San Francisco! They just walk around naked! After all, The City does promote homosexuality as a tourist attraction:

Source: Photo by Mayor Jones

Perhaps it was just time for some sort of unpopular ban, so San Francisco would have some fresh civil rights oppression to be angry about. We thrive on that stuff. My twat wants to breathe free, but The Man says nooooooooooo! So much for the First Amendment! I can’t say I care too much if folks go nude, but I’d hope they carry a gym bag of layers with them. Foggy and dank is danker still with your weiner whippin’ around in the wind. I’ll say this: You can’t get ants in your pants if you’re pantsless. But you can get them up your butt crack, which is surely worse. Especially if they’re those furious army ants that eat Charlton Heston alive in The Naked Jungle.

Source: Canal de Amtibus La Marabunta

Call me a scaredy pants, but I’m wearing pants wherever I go, because in San Francisco, ya just never know what you’re going to sit in.

Source: Photo by Mayor Jones

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