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Goofy Questions

Target Pharmacy purports to be a know-it-all. They, your friendly resource for all questions from aspirin to zinc, invite you to ask them anything about anything. OK, so let’s rise to the challenge. Let’s all go into Target pharmacy and ask the most outrageous questions we can think of. Why is the sky blue? (Is it depressed about something? If so, what?) Why can’t I fly? (I so want to fly!) What is the equatorial diameter of Jupiter? (89,000 miles, 11x that of the earth.) How do you know you know it all? (What if I can prove you wrong? Free pharmaceuticals for life?) Why can’t you orgasm? (It’s a damn shame.)

It’s quite a claim, to know it all. As the famous know-it-all poet-philosopher Donald Rumsfeld said in his wise work, ‘The Unknown,”

As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.

Source: I don’t know.

Sometimes it’s better not to know.

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