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Goofy Footwear

“Shoes are the exclamation point at the end of the fashion statement,” said Laurie Schechter, and as I like to add, “and I have never said anything that ends in running shoes.”

Princess Caroline, you secret goof! Of course a princess is a goof with poise and perfect posture. Even while wearing toe shoes.

Photo: Reuters/Eric Gaillard
Source: Are they ever goofy, gal!
License: Fair use as irreplaceable documentation of goofiness of Princess Caroline

If I never gave much thought to Princess Caroline, it was because I had no idea how goofy the gal could be. Welcome to Goof City, Princess Goof.

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This Day in Goofery:

April 19
1946: Birth of Tim Curry

“I guess I am afraid of them because it’s impossible — thanks to their painted-on smiles, to distinguish if they are happy or if they’re about to bite your face off.”

“I” is Johnny Depp and “them” is clowns, and if you’re afraid of them too, Tim Curry may have had something to do with it.

Source: SolomonCaine84

This is far goofier, however (and that’s being kind):

Source: lanymphet

Move over Rebecca Black (if there’s any more room in the back seat). You’ve got serious competition.

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Mayor Jones regrets she has been out of touch of late, but by no means has she been slacking off on goofing around. Lately she has been trotting all around town in her orange rubber urban cowboy boots waiting for it to rain and fielding good-natured comments (“Hey, rubber cowboy boots!”) and appreciative nods from jealous passersby wearing ordinary running shoes. trip planner . The Mayor promises to keep you apprised of all the goofy footwear and silly accessories she sports in the course of dressing the part for this dramedy we call life. (The Mayor pities the fool who wears ordinary running shoes in the rain–seen to the left.)

Mayor Jones Wins Rubber Boot Showdown
vs. Argyle Wellies
'Hands Down'

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