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Goofy Faces

Hello Moe

June 19, 2012 by

This Day in Goofery

June 19
1897: Birth of Moses Harry Horwitz

Moe Howard was born in the 19th century? But he didn’t become known as a goof ’till the 20th. Because in his youth Moses was no stooge–he was Rico Sua-vay.

Source: L, C, R
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Even with a gun to his head he couldn’t unfreeze that face.

My mother wouldn’t let me and my sis watch “The Three Stooges” as too violent, lest we get ideas about knocking each other around. But I bet she would have had she only known…Moe was Lithuanian! That gets anyone a pass in mom’s world.

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This Day in Goofery

June 6
1955: Birth of Sandra Bernhard

Shortly after your Mayor was born, so was Sandra Bernhard. And like your Mayor, Sandra is a wicked combination of intelligence, wit, and goofery.

I have chosen to feature this particular video for the oddity of msnbc’s having displayed a picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the first minute of Rachel Maddow’s interview with her. Finally, at 1:21 they cut away to plug her CD and surreptitiously got their act together with pictures of her. Apparently Ahmadinejad was featured in a prior segment, entitled Empire-State-Gate, as he appears on a large screen and monitor behind the desk with a graphic that remained on display over Sandra’s interview.

I’m always interested in news concerning Ahmadinejad because he says things like “Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury,” and it comes out of this face:

The interview also features a clip of something I would not otherwise have seen: Tom DeLay making a fool of himself on “Dancing with the Stars.” And I can’t un-see it. I’m afraid this is beyond the pale of goofiness and has entered the realm of the pathetic. I cannot laugh at this, only cringe.

Anyway happy birthday to a distinguished goof who, like the Mayor, has a gap between her front teeth, a sign of queenly beauty in Ghana.

Source: Sandra!

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Five steps to goofery, as presented by “The Face” (aka “The Alabama Face”), Jack Blankenship.

Source: NBC/Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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