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Goofy Ass-kissing

What do you want from me? What do you want from me-ee? What do you want, what do you want from me-ee-yeah?

Do you actually think that I will feature your illiterate, spam-bot English-as-a-tenth-language self-promoting schlock with your URL ablaze in strobing neon on my classily goofy and goofily classy website? Do you really believe that your shameless “compliments” will convince me to post your comment to make myself look good?

The only reason I even look at your drek is to see if it is sufficiently laughably goofy to approve and publish after I change your name and web address to some variant of www.thisisspam.vom (short for vomit).

And after all, even spammers, like this one who was advertising penis enlargement, are sometimes right.

Congratulations on having 1 of the most sophisticated blogs Ive arrive throughout in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from a little something simply because of how visually beautiful its. Youve put collectively a great blog space great graphics, videos, layout. This is unquestionably a must-see blog!

Some of the other causes seeking to cash in on exposure to my tremendous and tremendously goofy audience have been:

Air conditioner repair
iPad “giveaways”
Ferragamo bags (“Good journey and experience!”)
Rolex watches
British gold coins (asking me if I know how to stop spam)

Well you get the idea. I have over 5,000 spam comments waiting for me to moderate them. I’ll be sure to share the goofiest with you, if I have absolutely nothing goofier to do for the rest of my life.

P.S. If you have submitted a legitimate comment or sincere praise, I hope I have not ignored you, overlooked you, misinterpreted you, or made fun of you. I always hope comments will be the real thing, but they seldom are. Please email me at to request a secret goofy code specific to goofy you that you include in your message so I’ll know it’s really you. Spam comments arrive via WordPress so if you’re a scamming spammer seeking to slip one by me I’ll still bust your ass.

Any comments?

You're not an ugly person
you're just a damn fool if you think I fall for your crap.

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